Beaver Street Fisheries

Seasoned Selections

Spice up your seafood selection and watch sales surge!
With more shoppers looking for convenient, quality meals to make at home, our Seasoned Selections are primed to boost sales.

Sea Best Seasoned Selections are available in three varieties, with two servings in each package:

  • Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Tilapia – a popular mild white fish starts with a peppery kick and is rounded out with the fresh, light flavor of lemon
  • Thai Chili Salmon – the hearty texture of salmon is the perfect pairing for the full-bodied flavor of sweet and hot peppers, garlic and citrus
  • Tuscan Mahi – sweet slow-roasted peppers and tangy tomatoes mingle with sherry, garlic and shallots to bring a rich Italian flavor to this sweet, firm-textured fish
ss-march4New Seasoned Selections help your shoppers keep mealtime exciting, nutritious and simple.
  • Pre-seasoned for no-prep meals
  • Available in three fish/flavor combinations
  • Packaged in microwave-safe/oven-safe container
  • Ready in as few as 6 minutes
Frozen seafood shoppers are looking for easy, flavorful solutions.
  • 70% of consumers shop for fish at least once per month
  • Fish that is partially prepared (breaded/marinated/seasoned) is the most frequently shopped

– 54.9% shop coated/breaded fish
– 39% shop marinated/glazed fish

Seasoned Selections varieties cater to your shoppers’ tastes and habits, securing their likelihood to buy.
  • Shoppers are eating salmon, tilapia and mahi mahi for weeknight meals at home.
  • Across all fish segments, salmon ranked as the #1 preferred type of fish.
  • Salmon and tilapia are among the most widely eaten fish.
Research shows shoppers are likely to purchase flavor profiles similar to Seasoned Selections.
  • Citrus Pepper and Tuscan flavors held highest likelihood to purchase.
  • Ethnic/Asian flavors also ranked highly among shoppers.
  • Consumption of make-at-home ethnic dishes increased 29% in 2010. “In an effort to save money without compromising variety, cooks are taking a DIY approach to favorite ethnic dishes (instead of eating out).”*

*Source: survey, 12/8/10