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Scallops are a part of the molluscan family and are one of the most popular seafood options in the United States. Scallops are harvested by dredging or diving in offshore waters, and to ensure freshness all processing is done at sea where they are cut, washed, bagged and stored on ice or frozen-at-sea.

BSF scallops are primarily sourced from the U.S and Canada. They are cleaned and prepared to reveal their delicate white flesh and gorgeous appearance. BSF offers scallops in a range of sizes, wet and dry, all loaded with delicious flavor.


*nutrition facts based on U/10 IQF scallops



BSF offers both raw and breaded scallops packed for both foodservice and retail convenience. We have IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) and Block Frozen offerings.

IQF Foodservice 5 lbs Bags (2/5 lbs. and 6/5 lbs.)
Block Food Service 10/5 lbs. Blocks IQF Retail 1 lbs Retail Bags (12/1 lb. master case)


Marquis (Dry) under 78% moisture
Sea Best Gold
(Dry) under 82% moisture
Sea Best
(Wet) under 86% moisture

Wet: Scallops are soaked for a limited time in a salt water solution to retain their moisture levels and color.
Dry: Scallops are all natural and contain minimal additional water content. (Keep in mind that all scallops are made up of mostly water.)


You can find scallops in varying sizes from jumbo Sea Scallops to Bay Scallops. Scallops range from under ten to over forty per pound, and are classified and sold according to their count per pound:

10-20 per pound;
20-30 per pound;
30-40 per pound.

Sometimes they are labeled U/10 or U/15, the "U" means “under”, so a U/10 Scallop means under ten scallops per pound. Now, that’s a BIG Scallop!


Scallops are easy to prepare and can be baked, pan-seared, broiled, and even incorporated into soups and other dishes. For some great ideas and recipes visit our Sea Best Scallops page: Sea Best Scallop Receipes.