Beaver Street Fisheries

Raw Conch Fritter Mix

conchfrittersConch fritters are an essential part of Caribbean cuisine and go well with a spicy dip. Made from the flavorsome white flesh of fresh conch, BSF conch fritter mix is natural and free from additives. Available in 4 lbs. bags, all that's required is for the batter to be thawed and mixed with fresh chopped herbs, peppers, cumin, cayenne, salt, baking powder and spices of your choice before frying. A great anytime snack and starter, crunchy and crisp conch fritters are utterly yummy with key lime mayo and a squeeze of lime.

Conch (pronounced ‘konk’) are a part of the gastropod mullusks family and is found off of the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.



*nutrition facts based on Conch Fritter Mix 6/4 lb