Beaver Street Fisheries

Quality & Sustainability Certifications


  • These standards were created and evaluated by an objective third party. They represent a comprehensive scope of our internal quality assurance systems and sustainability practices which can be used to demonstrate a level of competence to our customers.
  • Excellence could not have been achieved without a company-wide commitment and focus on quality. Overall, these programs have made Beaver Street Fisheries stronger as we continue to grow our brands and move forward in the global market place.
  • Learn more about Beaver Street Fisheries’ Quality & Food Safety Programs and Environmental Stewardship.


Global Food Safety Initiatives
The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a non-profit making foundation.
GFSI benchmarks existing food standards against food safety criteria, and also looks to develop mechanisms to exchange information in the supply chain, to raise consumer awareness and to review existing good retail practices.
BSF follows GFSI standards for all products


Aquaculture Certification Council
The ACC was put in place to ensure Certified Seafood Facilities (Hatcheries, Farms and Processing Plants) are implementing Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) into their every day chain of responsibilities. This process promotes practices that reduce the risk of product contamination as well as offering an online traceability system that can track one particular lot from start (Hatchery) to finish (Buyer).
BSF received an “A” grade on the most current ACC Audit


Marine Stewardship Council
The MSC promotes seafood that is caught sustainably, and is traceable from the store that sold it, all the way back to the fishery that caught it.  Beaver Street’s MSC line of seafood is increasing every day, with our commitment to provide the best in quality and sustainability.
SFP logo
 Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is a US-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting seafood supplies and livelihoods while achieving environmentally sustainable fisheries and fish farming. The organization works with businesses to identify the challenges in seafood sourcing and catalyze practical improvements. Learn more at: