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Fish FilletsBSF sources fish from the largest number of shores possible. We offer fillets in a range of sizes from over 30 different species of fish around the world, from Atlantic flounder and Mexican kingfish to Indonesian grouper and domestic arrowtooth flounder. From utterly flaky varieties to pearly, buttery and firm textures, the BSF fish range is vast. You can order cases of fillets, portion cuts, loins or whole fish knowing that it will be top-notch, both weight and quality-wise. Processed in state-of-the-art facilities around the world, the BSF range combines the latest know-how with 60 years of fishing pedigree.


*nutrition facts based on V/P Salmon Fillet


With so many different varieties of fillets, loins and whole fish, BSF offers an array of packaging forms. From sleeve-pack salmon portions, to tuna loins, IQF and vacuum packed unicorn filefish, BSF is sure to provide you with quality fish of your choice.


Fish such as tuna, and salmon are fairly large and best used as steaks and loins, while others make great fillets ranging from 2 to 16 ounces which BSF proudly carries for your seafood convenience. To get a clear view of different sizes we offer please see our Finfish 101 Guide.


There are numerous ways to prepare fillets, loins, steaks and whole fish. One thing to remember is that fish cook very fast and vary in texture depending on the type of fish. They can be easily sautéed, bakes, broiled, or fried. Steaks and loins are great for grilling while salmon meat is perfect for smoking. Depending on flavor and texture, pairing up these fish with different seasonings can result in a tasty meal as well as good nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.