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Conch (pronounced ‘konk’) are a part of the gastropod mullusks family. The Queen Conch or pink-lipped conch which is found off of the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean is the one used in most Conch recipes. Most Conch is harvested from the Caribbean islands, including the Bahamas. According to, the world’s only commercial conch farm is located at heaving Down Rock in the British West Indies. Conch is considered a delicacy in West Indian and East Asian cuisines and can be slivered into thin slices and cooked in soups, stir fries, fritters or even eaten raw.

Conch fritters are an essential part of Caribbean cuisine and go well with a spicy dip. With a mild, sweet clam-like flavor, the white flesh of fresh conch meat goes great in fritters and chowder.
Beaver Street Fisheries’ conch fritter mix is natural and free from additives and available in 4 lbs. bags. All that is required is to thaw the batter and mix with fresh chopped herbs, peppers, cumin, cayenne, salt, baking powder and spices of your choice before frying.

Available in 5 lb. bags, soak Conch in curry seasoning, soy sauce, lime, vinegar, onion, tomato and cilantro very well. If you wish to serve Puerto Rican conch ceviche, soak in freshly squeezed orange juice and serve chilled.