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Wholesale Clam Distributors - Steamed, Stuffed, Raw & Frozen Clams


clamsBSF clams come in four varieties – raw, steamed, stuffed and in strips. Frozen within minutes of being caught, they are cleaned and processed in world-class facilities. It’s no wonder that they open up readily to be dressed into a delicacy when cooked. Treat your guests to superior quality BSF clams that are delectable with garlic butter or in heart-warming chowder. Pasta marinara and Spanish paella come alive with BSF clams. You’ll hardly find a clam in the BSF selection that doesn’t open on cooking. Don’t take our word for it, try them!



*nutrition facts based on 17/22ct Hard Shell clams

We offer Hard Shell and Belly Clams selectively chosen from around the world. Ranging from one to four pound bags, our Sea Best and Packers branded clams are vacuum packed to deliver the freshest frozen clams to your table.

Clams vary in sizes and are packed per pound. On average, our Hard Shell clams usually consist of 17 to 22 clams per pound. Belly clams are a little different as they are vacuum packed into two half a gallon pillow packs, weighing four pounds each.

Clams are considerate to have moderate flavor, and medium texture. For best taste and texture, they should be sautéed or steamed. Clams are ready once they are thoroughly heated and open.