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Beaver Street Fisheries™ is a leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of quality frozen seafood products from the USA and around the world. For more than 60 years, we have provided quality products to the foodservice industry and more recently to the retail market.

BSF built its reputation as a quality distributor for the foodservice industry. This established success opened opportunity for our company to expand into the retail market and quickly become a key player in the category. Building off of the customs and values of our company’s core, in 1979 the Sea Best® retail brand was established. This brand reflects Beaver Street Fisheries’ decades-long experience In the industry and continual goal of providing the highest quality frozen seafood and offering consumers new options at a great value.

Today, we are recognized as one of the leaders in the seafood industry and provide our customers with one of the largest seafood offerings available in the United States.

Vertical Challenges - Focus on Safe and Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

As Beaver Street Fisheries continues its focus on safe and sustainable seafood sourcing, the company’s owned subsidiary, Tropic Seafood, Ltd. (TSL), is in the preliminary stages of testing aquaculture (fish farming) activities. aquacultureBuilding on its longstanding reputation as the largest lobster tail and seafood processor in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, TSL is developing strategies to support the ever-growing trend of aquaculture as primary sources for seafood around the world. The goal, if successful, is to create a vertical integration system within the company in which Beaver Street Fisheries operates the supply chain from farming to distribution for seafood.

“We will always be top producers of spiny lobster tails, but we need to look down the road three to five years and adjust our business plan to meet the growing seafood demand worldwide,” says Jon Chaiton, Director of Quality Assurance and Aquaculture for TSL.

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"I have been dealing with Beaver Street Fisheries for several years now and I must say that it is comforting to know that they are a Seafood Company that you can count on for quality and for trying to do the right thing.
This is definitely a moving market with a lot of strange things taking place but Beaver Street has done their best to satisfy us even through the unexpected turns. They are a company that might not always have the lowest price but they will deliver on what they say."

Richard Hill
Director of Processing
Dynamic Foods

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